Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2009-02-22 08:33:14 (UTC)


Seriously, what the fuck. I've been sick for a week now,
gone through at least a case of fricken soup, hell, even
made my own and I'm still sick as a dragged down dog from
the pouring rain who's been beaten with the sick stick as
few times. And my sleep patterns have been out of wack for
2 weeks now, I got to sleep at 5 this afternoon, and just
woke up 20 minutes ago.. I'm not a pleased pumpkin.

so yeah. not much is new. looking for a place in guelph or
missassauga for may-ish. found a few half decent places but
the rents just as abysmal there as it is here or in toronto,
and I'm not all that interested in moving to toronto. might
just stay here until the end of summer although the thought
of doing so makes me cringe. ah well, that's just the way it

Everyone should avoid the Pink Panther II, and everyone
should see Coraline in 3D, Push is another bad sci-fi movie
along the lines of Southland Tales, but it's kind
of quirkly in it's own way. Also, the new season of Skins is
made of win, and it and Burn Notice, along with BSG are the
only shows I look forward to anymore. I haven't even turned
my tv on in a month now other than to watch Angel or
Stargate, I really need to cancel my cable subscription, I
may get to it eventually, like doing the laundry to, lol..

sigh. I hate being sick, ugh..