Nick's Journal
2009-02-20 07:02:44 (UTC)

The Wire & INTJ

i can't believe i haven't written an entry on the wire. it
is by far my favorite show. or was? i don't know, anyways
it's over now. i loved that show. it is the only show that
i can sit down and rewatch over and over and over again.
that is the hallmark of something great. i could sit down
and breeze through all five seasons right now. don't even
bet on that shit.

what i love about this show is that it gave me my two
favorite quotes of all time (both from the first season).
the first one is by Wee-bay (i'm not even going to get into
the characters cos they are just too great for me to even
try to make an attempt at describing them). after having
just shot a cop (unbeknownst to him) who was dressed as a
hooker and having the police go apeshit on him and his
accomplice he turns to his co-perp who asks, "what's up?"
to which wee-bay responds with my favorite quote of all time,
"It's always some shit."

here's the video:

i find that's the most apt quote in the world. i come home
sometimes and have so much shit to deal with. and sometimes
shit just piles up. yet for some reason when i just think
of wee-bay's response i just take it into context and plug
through, because that's how life is,
"there's always some shit."

the second quote is a bit more complex. the drug lord, avon
barkesdale goes to a mental institution where a relative? of
his is lying in bed comatose. as another gangster looks on
and sees his normally hardened boss kind of crack, avon says
the following,
aw shit i tried doing it justice by quoting it but here it is:

i mean what a great quote. anyhow. the wire is one of the
best shows ever made.

in fact, my teacher inadvertently once gave me the best
compliment ever after i had presented a case to the class
(during which he would question us incessantly and try his
best to do the condescending judge role). he said,
"nick, you're soft-spoken. but that's okay. it works for
you. you know why? cos you don't rattle."

of course i immediately envisioned this:

and on from that. i am an INTJ under the Briggs-Myers test.
meaning i am "soft-spoken".

i had a discussion with a classmate who thought that the
INTJ was a contradiction; particularly the N and the T
(which stand for Intuition and Thinking respecitvely). his
argument was that when you use your intuition you
necessarily foregoe true thinking over things.

i think that's wrong. usually what i do is i intuit what i
think is the right answer. the trouble with the law is that
it is less than clear (thankfully or else we wouldn't need
lawyers to interpret it!). i feel like the best lawyers
aren't the ones who have to go through every little minutiae
but who are able to intuit the correct answer. not the
least because it enables abstract analysis which allows for
concrete application.

in other words, i worked with a girl who plainly could not
intuit for shit. she was hella smart but just couldn't
grasp the abstract "big picture" of a statute or regulation,
hers were always narrow constructions confined to the
"logic" of the particular circumstance.

i feel like you have to have htat ability to intuit what you
need from the law. without that ability you get bogged down
in the morasses of statutory language which is often written
by people who have no idea what the real world is actually
like (i.e. congressmen).