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2009-02-14 16:10:04 (UTC)

haha past mutterings about jeff grunfeld ha

...my face is awful atm. whats new.. i've turned
nocturnal. literally. a night crawler. such a sorry
existence. the night never comes quick enough around here.
And to make matters worse i think im falling in love with
this guy in my class - ginger haired, hippy looking, multi-
lingual, strange faced almost on the verge of grotesque,
more or less unaware of my existence - exactly my type.

He's also married with a kid. funny.

Its so distracting, i cannot help just looking at him. i
tried to go a whole day the other day without looking his
way but i couldnt do it. it was like wherever i decided
to look was where he'd be. (although i'm sure i knew that
beforehand). he's a mess you'd probably think. but i think
he's a sodding beauty. i get the feeling that he's
starting to notice my abnormally frequent glances though.
sorry, cant help it.
But whatever, Im thinking of turning lesbian anyway.
they're not as shallow are they? they'll have me.