I Debbie...
2009-02-13 00:08:21 (UTC)

Why Don't You Tell Us How You Really Feel

So usually I like being able to close down my room because
I feel a sence of pride about how it looks. Well, tonight
as usual our wonderfully adept and considerate manager or
Ms. Micromanager told me to leave it because as I am coming
early in the morning it will " give me something to do. "
For one thing I will have something to do as I will have
two babies as soon as I get there at 6:30 am. So I left the
things to fold in my room and left with another teacher so
that I could vent. Actually as I got forced to leave by the
director I threw the pile of bibs on the floor and left the
door to the room open. Not exactly the most mature thing to
do but hell all it would have taken was for her not to
micro manage me. Like I wanted to milk the clock and stay
later than I wanted to do. If I had someone in there
helping me do the shit I have to do I would be much more
able to leave things for the next day. But lets say for
example that I told her to leave things for tomorrow. Of
course that would never happen. Like an extra 15 minutes
would have been a big frigin deal. And then to tell me what
she did shows she has not a clue as to what I deal with
every day and what I accomplish every day. Stupid cunt!!!

More later,
I Debbie