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2009-02-04 09:15:39 (UTC)

Old Habits

I suppose its about time that I returned to old habits and
such, to writing. I am using this moment to...I don't know,
write about things that I feel and such, because it's
supposed to be therapeutic. I struggle determining to what
level I need support from those around me simply because I
don't know what to ask for. I worry about losing everyone, I
think, and simultaneously want everyone to stay. It really
is a great feeling having a support network like the one I
have and I am nothing short of extremely thankful for every
single way that my friends have assisted me. I journal now,
I guess to be thankful for the process, to be thankful that
people do actually have my back when I ask and request their
support. Really I couldn't ask for anything else, and hope
that in future lives that my friends will be there every
step of the way.

God bless,