Forgotten Misery
2001-10-09 22:38:19 (UTC)

band sux

Well guard sectionals got canceled today so for once I got
to go home at 5:30 messa so happy!!!! Thats sad that was
the high point of my day pathetic I tell u! I have a test
on thursday in chemistry so I think im going to be sick
that day somehow! I have homework to do but i dont really
feel like doing it my minds in andreas world rite now
(means im in deep thought) Sniffles my friend marissa's
aunt has cancer and marissa told me about it and she was so
quite today and really needed her boyfriend to be there but
he was home sick so i did the best i could for my sis i
know how she feels since my grandma is dying or somthing
from lung and brain cancer. I havent been stong enough to
go visit her which i need to do and probaly will on friday
since my but is gonna get up early go see her and then
harvest homecoming for lunch then take maggie home and go
to school at 4 then the game and i hope to go fromt there
hauted housing with my peoples not sure yet but i will get
someone to come wit.......well im out gonna go e-mail or
should i say edit e-mail i have sent see yas