down in my eyes
2009-01-27 23:40:01 (UTC)

waitin' on the world to change.

Ihad one of the most fulfilling days I've ever had in a
long time, this last sunday. By nightfall, i felt so
accomplished- it felt awesome. I know & I've been told to
not let my world revolve around love. But having love
Certainly does help. Two days later, I come out & order
dessert that I'd normally indulge on. But I sit here &
find myself focusing on a couple small facts that happened
the other day. They didn't bother me at that time, but its
giving me the blues now. & ifind myself not even hungry
anymore. Idont know if I'm over reacting, but, I've lost
my appetite.
All iwant is to find love & be loved. That's All I want.