I Debbie...
2009-01-22 14:51:31 (UTC)

What You Should Never Say To An Employee

This is for all the employees that have gotten pissed at
their employers and gotten even sort of...

1. Either do it or find another job
2. I don't care what you think
3. Your job desciription isn't set in gold
4. Go home early or stay late over and over and over and
then you see them leave early
5. You don't get a break today
6. Even though you got the day off can you come back in
because we sent everyone else home and then the plan
7. What? You have to go to the bathroom? Well we have no
one to come in so you'll just have to wait
8. She needs a time sheet? She can be so difficult.
Like isn't that part of an HR's job to make sure there is
proper recording of the employees' hours?
9. How many times can you hear how upper managenent doean't
like someone else's attitude before you begin to wonder
what is being said about you behind your back?
10. You have to leave now without finidhing your work but
the next time you don't get things done you are letting
your room get trashy. Oh and since the big boss is coming
then your room better look good. But you can't be in your
room because we don't have any labor hours.
11. We laid people off in upper management so the fact we
can't give you a raise should make sence. But we'll bury
you in useless facts that you can't even read or understand
to make the problem seeem that much worse.

More refreshing comments to come
Have At It,
I Debbie