worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2009-01-16 04:32:41 (UTC)

Dinner and golfing

We start with a nice, quick, hard spanking. It is
guaranteed to leave my ass extremely sore all night long.
Next we prepare to go out. You insert a plug into my
ass. It’s just slightly larger than one I’m normally
comfortable with. You know it will be impossible for me
to ignore it. After the plug comes the crotch rope. You
tie it tightly around my stomach, down between my legs and
up the back. It cuts deep into my cunt and ass. The rope
is coarse and immediately begins to irritate my tender
skin. I can feel it hard against my clit. As the night
goes on my pain and discomfort will only increase.

Next you turn your attention to my tits. You circle rope
tightly around the base of each of my tits and tie it off
behind my back. It acts like a bra causing my tits to
stand out very prominently. It makes me very self-
conscious. But you’re not done yet. You dress me in a
short skirt, blouse, and high heels. No bra or panties,
of course. You pour a little bit of uncooked rice into
each of my shoes so that every step will be like walking
barefoot on gravel. As a final touch you take red
lipstick and write “PIG” across my stomach in large
letters. You warn me that if I let the letters smear at
all during the night I will be punished.

We head out to dinner. During the drive I must sit with
my arms behind my back. You use the time to fondle my
tits and pinch my nipples. The rules for dinner are
simple. I must sit with my legs at least one foot apart
at all times. If I am caught with my knees together I
will be punished. I must address you as “Sir” regardless
of who hears it. I must keep my palms flat on the table
at all times unless given permission to move them. When
I’m granted permission to eat, I can only use my left, non-
dominant hand. Finally, I am not to speak to, or make eye
contact with, anyone but you.

I notice you chose the restaurant very carefully when we
are led to our booth that has only hard, wooden, unpadded
seats. You grin wickedly at the pain on my face as my
already sore ass hits the unforgiving seat. All night
long I feel embarrassed and awkward at not being able to
look at or speak to the waiter. You eat half your meal
before giving me permission to start eating mine. I have
to keep my right palm still flat on the table while I
eat. You find subtle ways to remind me of the writing on
my stomach while I eat. You force me to tell you what a
pig I am. I obey and just hope no one can hear me or see
how red my face turns. You occasionally reach out with
your foot and push my knees further apart. I can feel the
cool breeze on my tied up and bare pussy. I am incredibly
aroused and hope I don’t leave a puddle on the seat when
we leave.

After dinner you decide we should go miniature golfing.
You make me use the shortest putter available so I have to
bend over low when golfing. I can’t quite tell if my ass
shows from under my skirt when I bend that far over, but I
can feel quite a draft when I do it. The plug and crotch
rope have me walking very awkwardly and I wonder if
everyone else there can tell what’s barely hidden under my
skirt. My tits stand out under my blouse and I feel like
a whore. You warn me to play well because I will be
lashed with the cane for every stroke over par. At the
end of each hole you make me bend over to collect each of
our balls. You make me do it by bending at the waist and
keeping my legs straight. I wonder how many people are
looking at my ass. At least three times during the game
you make me lift up my blouse and show you my red PIG
label on my stomach. By the end of the game the crotch
rope and plug are killing me and I’m not looking forward
to the 10 lashes of the cane I have coming to me for
playing so poorly. I can barely walk anymore because the
soles of my feet are so sore from walking with the rice in
my shoes.

You suggest we take a stroll around town before heading
home for the night. I’m practically in tears from the
pain. I beg you to let us go home instead. You mock me
for being such a wimp. You say that if my poor feet are
hurting so badly that I should crawl back to the car. I
hesitate because the parking lot is fairly large. But I
don’t immediately see anyone else there so I slowly sink
to my hands and knees and begin crawling like a dog back
to the car. I can hear you laughing as you walk behind
me. When we get home you again make me crawl from the car
back into the house. You have me strip off my skirt and
blouse outside the doorway before you let me inside.

It has been one long night of humiliation and pain. But
it’s not over yet. Sometime during the evening my PIG
lettering got a little smeared. The punishment is 50
jumping jacks with weights hanging from clamps on my
nipples, still wearing my shoes with the rice in them, and
oinking out loud for the duration. By the time I’m done
everything hurts. My nipples feel like they could have
ripped off. The crotch rope has dug into my tender areas
so much that I’m absolutely raw. I feel completely
defeated and cry out of pain and embarrassment.
Unfortunately for me, I still have 10 lashes of the cane
coming to me. You decide to double it as an added penalty
for losing the game to you. The night ends as it began,
with my ass taking a beating.

Thank you for a wonderful night.