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my submissive life
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2009-01-12 02:44:08 (UTC)

Dom's friends

My Dom ordered me over to his house at promptly 7pm. I
was instructed to wear dark, whorish makeup and slutty
clothes. I obeyed. I had not been allowed to orgasm all
week and was hoping if I was obedient enough tonight, he
might permit me one.

I arrived on time. My Dom let me in and immediately
ordered me to my knees with my hands on my head. “There
will be some new rules for you tonight, slut. First, you
must answer all questions in complete sentences; there
will be no mere yes or no answers. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

SLAP! My face burned from his slap. I immediately
recognized my mistake. “I mean, yes Sir, I understand

“That’s better. Let’s try again. If I were to ask you if
you are a pathetic, disgusting, worthless painslut, you’re
answer would be…?”

I knew he was only doing this to humiliate and degrade
me. I gritted my teeth and replied, “Yes Sir, I am a
pathetic, disgusting, worthless painslut.”

“Very good. Now, second rule is that if you are asked at
any point if you want more, such as if you want more of a
spanking or more weight added to your nipple clamps, or
more of anything, the only right answer is yes. Do you

“Yes Sir, I understand.”

“Good. Let’s try this one out. Do you want more rules to
obey for me tonight?”

“Yes Sir, I want more rules to obey for you tonight.”

“Excellent. Then the third rule is that if you are asked
if you like, or are enjoying, something, the answer is
also always yes. So, if I were to ask you if you enjoy
being treated like a fat, slutty, pig-whore, the correct
answer is?”

He knew how much I hated having to say things like that.
Nevertheless, I gulped and answered, “Yes Sir, I enjoy
being treated like a fat, slutty, pig-whore.”

“I thought so. Now, I could tell as soon as you walked in
here tonight that were horny as all hell. And I can tell
from the way you’re kneeling there that you are just dying
to be allowed to cum. If you follow all the rules
tonight, I will grant you permission to orgasm. But, you
should also understand that if you break any of these
rules tonight, you will be severely punished. And I do
mean severely. Understand?”

“Yes Sir, I understand.”

“Good.” And with that, there was a knock on the door. I
was startled but my Dom ordered me not to more. So I
remained kneeling while he went to the door. I heard some
muffled voices but couldn’t hear what was being said.
Next thing I knew, my Dom escorted two guys into the
room. I was in shock. We never discussed allowing others
in on our sessions. I was still kneeling on the floor
with my hands on my head and looking like a complete
slut. I didn’t know what to say.

My Dom spoke first, but not to me. “This is the little
slut I was telling you about. She just loves to be
tortured and beaten and humiliated. Don’t you, slut?” I
was mortified and couldn’t speak. “I said, don’t you,

I was so horrified and embarrassed. I wanted to cry. But
I heard myself instead saying, “Yes Sir.”

“Ah ah. Don’t forget our rules. What’s the correct

I couldn’t look anyone in the eye. I stared and the
ground and spoke, “Yes Sir, I love to be tortured and
beaten and humiliated.”

“Wow. That’s freaking awesome.” It was one of my Dom’s
friends. “So uh, where do we start?”

My Dom answered, “Where would you like to start?”

“How about tanning her sweet hide?”

“No problem. Let’s go my little slut. Up on your feet an
over the back of the chair.” I couldn’t believe this was
really happening. But I reluctantly got up and walked
over to the chair and bent over the back of it and grasped
the arms of the chair.

“So, how would you like to do it?” I knew he wasn’t
speaking to me. “We’ve got a cane, belt, paddle, and
riding crop. What’s your pleasure?”

One of them answered immediately, “I’ll take the paddle.”

The other was more thoughtful, “Which hurts the most?”

“That would probably be the cane.”

“Great, then I want the cane.”

One of them walked over to me. “Is it okay if I lift up
her skirt?”

“Of course, anything you want.”

I felt my skirt being pulled up and exposing my slut-red,
lace panties. And without another word, I felt the paddle
slam into my ass. No warm up. No light taps first. Just
the paddle crashing into my ass over and over again. I
gritted my teeth and took the first few in silence. But
eventually the pain grew too much and I began to cry out a
little. After a few cries of “ouch,” the paddling
stopped. I thought I was being granted a reprieve, but
then I heard my Dom speak.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. She gets a little noisy
sometimes, but she still loves it. Don’t you love being
paddled slut?”

I remembered the rules this time. “Yes Sir, I love being

“And you want to be paddled more, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir, I want to be paddled more.” I guess that
appeased him because the paddling continued another
several minutes and my cries didn’t seem to bother him

“That was great. Your turn.”

I assumed the cane was about to follow.

“I’d like to see her ass while I do this. Is it okay if I
pull her panties down?”

“Like I said, anything you boys want. Have fun.”

My panties were yanked down to my knees exposing my
ass. “Damn, look at how red she is already. I bet this
is really going to hurt on top of that.”

“Don’t worry about it. She likes the pain and she loves
having bruises on her fat ass to remind her of a good
session. But if you’re worried, ask her yourself. You
want my friend to cane your fat, slut ass, don’t you?”

There was only one answer I could give. “Yes Sir. I want
your friend to cane my fat, slut ass?”

His friend inquired further, “You sure? You really like
all this? You really want more”

“Yes, I really like this. And yes, I really want more.”

“Okay.” And with that I heard the cane whooshing through
the air a second before I felt it land on my ass. Damn he
hit hard. My breathing was heavy and I only took two
lashes before I was crying again. I didn’t keep count but
after just a few more the caning stopped. “Listen, I’m
worried about her. She doesn’t seem like she’s enjoying

My Dom spoke up. “That’s because you don’t know where to
look. Look at this.” With that, I felt my Dom shove
several fingers into my pussy. I knew without looking
that they came out soaked. “If she’s not enjoying this,
then why is she dripping wet? You’re concerned because
it’s hurting her. Of course it is. But that’s what she
loves about it. And that’s why she’s so damn wet.
Besides, if it makes you feel better, she’s got a safeword
she can use anytime to make it all stop. But I can assure
you from her dripping cunt that she’s no where near
wanting it to stop. She’s a true painslut. Aren’t you?”

“Yes Sir, I’m a true painslut.”

My Dom kneeled down in front of me and held his hand up in
front of my face. “Now clean your mess off of me you
fucking whore.” I hated having to taste my own juices
like that. But I knew better than to disobey. I opened
my mouth and being sucking his fingers until they were
clear. I could hear his friends laughing and calling me a
slut. When I was done, the caning resumed. I don’t know
how many lashes I received, but I was absolutely sobbing
by the time it ended.

When his friends were done beating my ass, my Dom ordered
me to shuffle over to the corner with my panties still
down and holding my skirt up. I was to remain standing in
the corner with my reddened ass on display while I
composed myself and he got his friends some drinks.

Sometime later I heard my Dom speak, “Ready for some more
fun, slut?”

“Yes Sir. I am ready for some more fun.”

“Then get your fat red ass over here.” I walked over to
where he and his friends were lounging on the sofa. “Now
get the rest of your clothes off and let my friends see
what else they have to play with.” Through my
humiliation, I stripped off my clothes until I stood
before my Dom and his friends completely naked. With
three sets of eyes on me, I felt more exposed then I ever
had before in my life. “Spread your legs, get your hands
on your head, and eyes front bitch.” I immediately
obeyed. “Legs wider. They already know what a whore you
are.” I spread my legs as wide as I could. “So fellas,
what would you like to do next?”

“Let’s torture those fat tits of hers.”

“Sure thing. Do you want to do it yourself or watch her
do it herself?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll show you. Bitch, go fetch your bag of titty torture
toys.” I started to walk to the other room where my other
toys are kept. “Are you deaf bitch?! I said fetch!” I
stopped and dropped to my hands and knees and crawled to
the toys. I brought the bag back clenched in my mouth
while still crawling. Only when I got back in front of my
Dom and his friends was allowed to stand up again.

“Good. Now, take two clothespins, tied about a foot of
twine between them, and put one on each nipple.” I knew
how this game worked and I wasn’t looking forward to it.
But I obeyed still. I tied the clothespins together and
put one on each of my nipples. “Now slut, you know what
to do.” I grabbed the center of the twine and yanked
hard. The clothespins ripped off my nipples and the pain
sent me falling to my knees.

“That was great! Make her do it again!”

“Go ahead and tell her what you want her to do. She’ll
follow your orders.”

“Cool. Yo slut, do it again.” I took a second to prepare
myself. I’ve never had to repeat this torture more than
once and I had a suspicion the pain was about to become
unbearable. Just reattaching the clothespins to my
nipples was excruciating. I took a deep breath and yanked
the rope again. The clothespins flew off and I screamed
and fell to my knees again. “That’s awesome. Do it

“Oh god no. Please no. I can’t take it. Anything else,

My Dom did not look pleased. But he stayed calm. “Did
you just refuse one of my friend’s orders? You dumb
bitch. Now you’re really going to suffer. Not again with
the clothespins? Sure. Get out the clover clamps
instead.” I knew they were going to hurt like hell, but I
was too afraid to disobey. I got out the clamps and
attached them to my nipples. I screamed as I applied each
one. “Now the fishing weights. One on each.” I begged
for mercy with my eyes but got none. I hung a weight from
each clamp. It hurt but was bearable. “Good. Now 10
jumping jacks. Go.”

“Sir please, I can’t.”

His voice grew cold and I could tell he was furious that I
was disobeying him in front of his friends. “Can’t do
10. Fine, then give me 20. And they better be good
ones. Now!”

I muffled a cry and began to jump. Afraid of pissing him
off more, I jumped as high as I could. The weights
pulling on my already sore nipples were like fire. I was
screaming and crying with each move I made. Finally I
completed all 20.

“What do you think boys? Have her nipples suffered

“Hell no. Do you have any more weights?”

“Of course. Slut, hang another weight to each clamp.” I
took out two more weights and added them to my suffering
nipples. I held my breath to keep from screaming.

“I still don’t think that’s enough.” Apparently my Dom’s
friends were just as sadistic as he was. I just had to
look at my Dom to know what he wanted. I took out another
two weights and hung them on. I could barely keep my
hands away as I began to scream in pain and beg for
mercy. “That’s better. But I don’t trust her to keep her
hands away. Got any cuffs in that bag of tricks?”

“Owwww. Yes. Owww.”

“Then cuff yourself, hands behind your back.” I had to
bend down to get the cuffs and standing back up was
agony. I put my hands behind my back and fastened the
cuffs. I was now helpless to ease my suffering. I
continued crying. The evil friend stood up and walked
over to me. He looked me right in the eye as he reached
out and started swinging the weights as they dangled from
my tits. I started screaming. Apparently not satisfied,
he picked up both sets of weights, held them to the level
of my chest, and dropped them. I screamed and fell to my
knees. He grabbed me by the hair and yanked me back up to
my feet.

“Stop! Please! I can’t take it. Stop!”

I think my Dom knew I was close to my limit and decided to
ease off, but just a tad. “Tell you what boys. Let’s go
get something to eat. Well leave her here, just as she
is, until she calms down and remembers her fucking place.
Slut, you stand here, legs spread and don’t fucking move
til we get back.”

The pain was still terrible but as least being still would
help. I quietly cried while they walked off and left me
to suffer. By the time they came back, my nipples were
pretty numb. “Ready to have these off slut?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Okay. Here’s the deal. I want you to not make a sound
when I take these off. If you utter a single sound, I’m
going to let each of my friends swat your each poor
pathetic nipples with the riding crop. Understand?”

“Yes Sir. I understand.”

One by one he took the clover clamps and released them
from my nipples. The blood rushing back to my nipples was
worse then anything and it took all my will power to stay
silent. “Good job slut. Not a sound. Since you did so
well, I’m only going to let them smack one nipple each
with the crop.” I groaned in displeasure but said nothing
as each of his friends took their turn with crop. One
swatting my left nipple and the other the right. Those, I
didn’t take silently and my torturers seemed to enjoy my

“So boys, what do you think? Should she be allowed to eat

“Okay.” They led me into the kitchen.

“What should we feed her?”

“She’s a little chunky. I think she should eat more

My Dom went into the fridge and brought out some items. I
was ordered to lie on my back in the center of the
kitchen. My Dom handed me a large carrot. I was confused
but certainly willing to eat it. Before I got it to my
mouth I was stopped. “You know, I think that carrot looks
a little dry. Maybe you should dip it in something
first.” I knew exactly what he had in mind but I wasn’t
happy about it. I didn’t move. “You know what to do you
fat pig. Shove that carrot into your sopping wet cunt,
fat end first.”

I reached between my legs and pressed the fat end of the
carrot against my cunt. It as a very large carrot and I
knew it was going to hurt going in. His friends stood
over me grinning wide grins as I began to force the carrot
into my cunt. Once in I was ordered to fuck myself with
it for a full 2 minutes. After that I was ordered to eat
it. The carrot was covered in my cunt juices and I was
less then hungry. Slowly I started munching. My Dom and
his friends were laughing out loud.

Next I was handed a stalk of celery and ordered to repeat
my performance. Then another carrot and another stalk of
celery. I was stuffed and disgusted when we finished. My
doms agreed. But they weren’t done humiliating me.

One of my Dom’s friends spoke up. “Reach down and finger
fuck yourself a few times. Now take your hand and rub and
your gross cunt juices all over your face.” I reluctantly
obeyed. “That’s it. Do it again. Cover your ugly face.
Rub some into your hair too.” My Dom just smiled as I
covered myself. “Now lick your hand off. Look, you dumb
bitch, you got your filth on the floor. Lick the floor
clean too.” I got on my hands and knees and licked the
floor while taking care not to let my slimy face touch
it. I felt someone kicking me in my already sore ass
while the others laughed at me licking my juices off the
floor. I was completely disgusted and humiliated.

“So boys, here’s the deal. My little painslut here hasn’t
been allowed to masturbate all week and she is horny as
hell. I’m thinking about letting her cum tonight. Not
here with us of course. I never bother to watch her
orgasm. Hell, I don’t give a shit if she cums or not.
Besides, she’s fat and ugly and it’s nauseating to watch
her shake and quiver like that.” While my Dom was talking
as if to his friends, I knew he was saying everything he
could to further embarrass me. “So my question is, do you
think she’s earned it yet? Or is there something more you
think she needs to do before she’s granted that particular

“Hmm. I don’t really think her cunt has suffered enough.
Especially if she wants to masturbate, she should have to
feel the pain before the pleasure.”

The other friend agreed. “Particularly on her nasty
little clit.”

My Dom sounded pleased. “I think we can arrange that.
Let’s go back into the living room.” Without being told,
I knew to crawl after my Dom and his friends on my hands
and knees.

Back in the living room I was ordered back on my feet with
my legs spread and hands on my head. My Dom instructed
one of his friends to retrieve one of the clover clamps
and fasten it to my clit. His friends then took turns
hanging weights from it until I was crying.

“Now bitch, time to exercise that fat ass of yours. Squat
down until the weights touch the ground.” I did as
instructed and immediately began to feel the burn in my
legs. For several minutes I was left to sweat it out.

“Now stand back up again.” The relief in my legs was
replaced by additional burn to my clit. “Don’t just stand
there whore, make those weights swing. Move around.
Hell, run in place.” For a full 20 minutes I was ordered
to perform a variety of activities with the weights
dangling off my clit, all designed for maximum pain and
suffering. Eventually, they decided to grant me mercy.

“Well, I don’t know if she’ll actually want to play with
her sore little clit now or not. Ha-ha. Too bad for
her. Now for some final touches. Any suggestions?”

One of his friends spoke up first. “For starters,
obviously she shouldn’t be allowed to wash her face before
she goes home. She should have to drive home with her
face still sticky and smelly with her own cunt juices.”

The other friend concurred. “I’d go one step further.
She shouldn’t be allowed to wash her face or hair to
tomorrow. Let her stay all gross and nasty til morning.
And let’s take some rope and tie a really tight crotch-
rope on her that will cut into her already sore clit and
hurt her a lot the whole ride home.”

“Those are both excellent suggestions. My little painslut
will be happy to abide by them. I’m also going to order
her to drive the speed limit exactly during the drive home
to make her suffer as long as possible. Anything else?”

“Since her ass took a pretty good beating, I think she
should have to sit on something hard while driving home
too, instead of a nice soft car seat.”

“Great idea. I think I have a wooden cutting board that
she can put on her seat and sit on while driving.”

“Perfect. And make her keep a couple clothespins on her
tongue for the ride home too. Just for kicks.”

“Another great idea.” And true to his word, my Dom had me
driving home with my face and hair covered in my own cunt
juices, painfully tight crotchrope digging into my clit,
my sore ass sitting on a hard wooden board, and with 3
clothespins on my tongue. When I finally got home I was
granted permission to masturbate, but only by playing with
my extremely sore clit. If I passed on the opportunity,
I’d have to wait a whole additional week before seeking
permission again. Sometimes I wonder if the pain is
really worth the pleasure… It is.