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2009-01-10 17:49:02 (UTC)

What The BAD Words Are

Why is this there this image that all words that are not
politically correct are bad. Okay take the word HATE. My
two nieces from different families are saying that word is
among those you should not say. Okay like in the sentence I
hate squash or I hate being sick ? Yah okay I hate you is
mean and something said in the heat of the moment usually,
but why condemn the entire range of meaning because of one
nuance? It would be the same thing as saying all accidents
are bad or all clouds produce rain. Yah basically but not
always. Why not teach that like every cloud there are
differences and some accidents bring change and growth. Yah
I know you can't teach that type of definition to a three
year old but then you shouldn't lie to them about words
that aren't or shouldn't be catagorized as wrong. Take the
concept of lying. A very astute child which my nieces are,
could argue why did you lie to us about Santa, the Easter
Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and you tell us not to lie. Some
where along the line adults have made concepts so ambiguous
and hazy that the only way to get out of it is to confuse
their children? Is that the moral dilema we are beginning
by banning words as casually as they burned books back in
the mid 1900's? Where is this fear coming from. Almost like
instead of addressing the issue of being mean or hateful
they think it is better to cut the tree at its biggest
part. As if by sawing it off and sanding it so all that is
left is a stump of a reminder we are addressing anything.
Like wrapping up a present to make it look better. The
meaning and the words are still there. And like all
forbidden fruit we are only opening it up for later more
heated discussion and usage. By taking the ugliness out of
something that is the only way we will be free of the
meaning. Or by realizing that not all bad is bad and good
is good. Shades of gray and balance is what we should be
striving for.

Have At It
I Debbie