I Debbie...
2009-01-08 18:47:07 (UTC)

How Many Does It Take?

Only read if you have imagination and a sence of humor.

How many employess does it take to place a take out order.
Answer 4
1 to find the menu
1 to hand out the menu
1 to place the order
and 1 to retrieve the order.

How many employees does it take to make a decision
Answer again is 4
1 to pose the question
2 to deliberate upon the question
and 1 to kiss the others asses to help the decision making

How many people does it take to make a break schedule
Answer again is 4
1 to write the schedule out
1 to pass out the information
1 to re-write it out
and 1 to come back late so the whole flow is off

This little piggy went into her class
The next little piggy sat in her chair
The third little piggy started walking and never stayed
here nor there
The fourth little piggy read her book
The fifth little piggy decided to just do her job and
ignore the four other piggies.
Wolves don't care whether or not you ass-kiss. This is why
the fifth piggy is never mentioned in any moral of the

Have At It
I Debbie