Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2009-01-02 22:05:29 (UTC)


Well 2008, it has been a great year. I learned a lot about
myself- be it by pain or happiness and what I want in life.
2009 will be the year where I chase my dreams, push myself
more(because I can do it) and keep all the nervousness that
I have in the ASS!

I had the opportunity the end the year with my friends and
start the year with my friends. I believe this is like an
opening to a year where I can slowly leave my parents' nest
and discover the world a bit more. I need to let go of
home. I want to go on road trips this year, get my driver's
license, visit places I haven't been to in years, meet new
great aspiring people who will give me nothing but
encouragement and motivation! I'm open to it. I want to get
myself out there.

I left 2008 happy, even though the last few months were hard
for me. I managed to put my feelings aside and smile at what
I have going for me.

I'm changing inside and I feel it, I love it, I welcome it!