Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2008-12-31 20:22:35 (UTC)

Starbucks sellout? You bet

So, I'm sitting here at starbucks in downtown toronto,
waiting for a guy to get off work so I can go pick up my
christmas present to myself. an Electric Violin, not unlike,
the electric violin I so wanted so many many years ago, if
you look up Cobalt Blue on my earlier diary entries you'll
find it there. The difference this time, is that I have the
money for it, and I've got lessons lined up for it too..

So. single. this whole year. slept with, one or two girls.
wasn't very satisfying. I'm still waiting for, well, a solid
committed relationship. I don't know that I'll find one
necessarily, but it's good to keep your hopes up. There's
one girl close who I'd love to start something, there's one
far, who, I would love to spend 7 days and 7 nights with,
and remember it fondly for the rest of my life. I think
that's all we could manage, her and I, being of such
separate worlds.

I'm going to end up fighting with the trustee's for the
estate next week, it'll be.. interesting, to see what comes
of that. essentially is comes down to them being reluctant
to pay off my all my debts, and being particularly snarky
about what I'm so called entitled to. Considering, that,
It's ALL my money, I'm a little.. confused as to why it's
such a big deal. I get that things need to be taken care of
in such a way that it makes sense and actually improves my
shitty credit rating, but that being said, out of $40k that
I owe, $33 is student loan debt, and accrues interest in
stupid amounts every month. Well, they're going to be in for
a shock when I tell them what's on my mind, no more of that
passive aggressive bullshit agreeing, smiling and nodding.
If they're going to fuck around, fine, I'll just sue to have
them removed as trustee's, and have someone else appointed,
god knows I need someone who would look after my money, I'm
such shit with it, but I also need someone who realizes
that, in order for me to really get my shit together, I need
all my debts paid for, I need to go back to school, which I
would otherwise be unable to pay for on my own. and I need a
car. ok, I want a car. same difference.


I can only hope next year will be better...