Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2008-12-23 00:10:29 (UTC)

2 Thoughts **

Their are two thoughts that lingered in my mind all day. I
would like to share them with the world.

Thought #1- Sex... meaning of life?

I was thinking about sex last night and I was amused at
how something so simple as the 'in and out' method being
done repeatedly, bring so much pleasure. Then I started to
think about that saying "good things come in small
packages". So, does the meaning of life mean that the
simplest things are the most pleasurable ones? For example,
a kiss from a crush that makes you smile all day, a
colouring from your student makes your career choice totally
worth it or that hug from your sibling you constantly fight

If that is the case, then buying a car or a closet full
of new label names doesn't bring pleasure? Or will that
pleasurable feeling be not as filling as that kiss? Are you
more likely to think back 10 years from now and smile at the
car or smile that the most troubled kid put the effort in
his drawing that he made just for you?

Thought #2- Getting to know someone.

I went on a date today (guy A) and as I was walking home
I realized that there are a lot of things I left unsaid
about myself. I started thinking that this guy (guy A)
doesn't know that I am an ice cream fiend, but another guy
(guy B) does. Also, this other guy (guy B) knows the nerdy
side of me and the other only knows that I'm not a party
girl. Then it hit me! With different types of people, you
relieve something different about yourself. It all depends
on the other person's personality.

If they are welcoming, funny, asks a lot of questions;
you're more likely to tell that person funny/embarrassing
stories OR a little bit of everything.
If you're talking about books, school, art; you will
relieve what kind of books you like and what your career
goals are.
Talk about partying, drinking; well, they'll know how to
get you drunk and how easy you are after 3 tequila shots.

Now, just to talk about my date today. He's a cool guy, but
someone I would keep as a fuck buddy. We're complete
opposites; he's the risky capricorn and I'm the more
conservative, non-risk taker capricorn.

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