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2001-10-09 22:28:59 (UTC)

++i cry when angels deserve to die++

Today was a mad but kool day. i got up late so had to rush
to college! had to do my makeup n hair in the kar! which
proved a difficulty. got to college just on time to find
out we had no teacher and we cud go home! so i did all that
for nothing! dammit! so then me n ben went into town n he
spent ages lookin at trainers n didnt buy any! n girls r
meant to take ages shoppin least we buy stuff! hehe! then
went to HMV n bought a garbage album for my dadss birthday,
he likes them, so do i, so i can steal it, woohoo. i also
bought a poster of them, for me! for a quid which was kool!
then i met daniel in town n it was his birthday so i went
to the pub wif him n he bought me a drink yay. then we met
tom (who i got off with b4 and pray to god he doesnt
remember!) and then eva n her friend. eva is so pretty!
then i went home n foned in sick for psychology coz i cudnt
be arsed to wait two hours for my lesson. then i came home
n came online! yay! i text ben who i met on the weekend.
hess very cute, but livess to far away, i have his shirt
tho, i also spoke to dave who i met at the weekend,we had
quite a deep convo, it was kool, found out loads of shit
bout this girl i was friendss with tho..which was sucky
ohwell im never gonna c her again! urghhh its 11:31pm and
im so tired! i dont have college 2moro tho which is very
kool. ive been listenin to tori amos alot recently. shes
AMAZING! i have to find a poem for friday for my eng lit
lesson, i dont really like any, i like loads of song lyrics
tho, so im gonna bring one of them in, probs my ruin-
heartsick coz the lyrics are amzing. doubt anyone else will
see thaat tho. mite get my lip peirced at the side 2moro
but my mates sed it wont suit me which sux. some peeps said
it wud tho...oh i dunno. too tired, i need dr pepper or wkd
blue, need to find a new job too, arghh. too much to do! im
gonna go listen to tori now! nite nite xx blessed be, sarah
*mwah hunnies*

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