I Debbie...
2008-12-15 14:46:19 (UTC)

New Words

1. Emotional sabatoge: noun. when a person or group of
people use things they know to be true about you to
control, confront, or embarrass you. This can be so you act
or think in a certain way. This can also be a form of
emotional abuse but in this case it is based on a well
known fact rather than a secret. Examples include using a
physical attribute to belittle or make you very aware of
how they or have or do something you can't. And when you
call them on it they really get pissed because you are in
control of the situation.

2. Teacher: noun. when you are consistantly doing an action
in a specific set of conditions to accomplish a certain
function or role. Just because you are shown how to play
football a couple of times doesn't make that person a coach
any more than a teacher.

Have At It
I Debbie