Angeline Rose

Love of the Loveless.
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2008-12-15 06:26:52 (UTC)

Brother, money, weed.

So Matthew's bong was left in the god damn bathroom at their
He tried blaming it on Michael, and Michael kept denying.
Eventually Matthew shut up.
And so, the next day, inevitably, he cried and told his mom
everything. How Michael gave him the weed. How Michael this,
Michael that.

It's retarded. I won't have phone sex d:

But CHRISTMAS is coming up. Our ANNIVERSARY is coming up. MY
BIRTHDAAAY is coming up.

Speaking of, I'll be the big one seven. Seventeen. I can
finally read those magazines ;D

So, I had a huge urge of "I told you so" all day. I held
most of it out. There was a point in the kitchen where I
kind of let the beast in me out. But I refrained for the
most part.

I love it. I TOLD YA SO.

If he listened to me more, he would be in great shape :]

Oh well. It's my role. The incoherent babbling woman. I'll
take that for now. I'm almost used to it.

I'm freezing cold.
It snowed yesterday. Surprisingly, I wasn't excited at all.
Maybe for a brief moment before I got in Mrs.Davidson's new
vehicle. Kia.
But just a brief moment.

I haven't been so horny lately.

No. That's a lie.

I'm just trying to take this as a normal journal entry.
Today was cold.

Oh man, when we were about to leave work, I was sad. I had
to ride with Margarita and her husband. ANd two kids. They
are makulit. (tagalog word, its like..Annoying? It's a word
that isn't in english)
But I just wanted to be with Michael so bad as I sat in the
front of their Ford. I wanted to chase after Michael as I
watched him walk away. And when he turned that corner, and
when I couldn't see him, my heart dropped.

I haven't felt this way in a long time.
The possible rebirth? Possibly. I shouldn't be so dependent
on people. Yet I am, and its a part of me.