Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2008-12-11 11:22:35 (UTC)

rain? yeah, in december

I'm not even living in Vancouver, where I would expect it.
London certainly does have it's bizarre winter I'll give it
that, it's alternatively raining, and then snowing, melting
into puddles and freezing over then melting and the cycle
continues on and on and on and on.

Well, all in all, I'm mostly content with living here,
although I sort of wished I'd have thought things through
somewhat earlier, but that's ok. I'm still considering
Stratford for 2 years, basically, til april 2011. wow, 2011,
that's soo, surreal. It's almost 2009, that's just crazy.
Time certainly fucking flies. and I'm still no closer to
figuring out my life. But I'm taking it as it comes, and
we'll see what happens over the next 6 months, I might
decide in the end that Stratford isn't for me. The classes
don't start til next November, so I have plenty of time.

sigh. still no friends here, although I'm not really making
much of an effort to be honest. I'm sure if I got out more
then perhaps I might.

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