Silent Eyes

Lost in this place
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2008-12-11 08:04:20 (UTC)


I just read some past enteries and I can't believe one how
much better I expressed myself because I was me! And two
how things have drifted on. Paul is so following in the
footsteps I dreaded he ever would. I truly loved him and
now that he's gone and we started out as best friends we
can never have any of it back. He is drifting. Soon he
will be visiting Jerk number 1 and I can't help but be
confused. He loved me I thought and he promised to visit
when I was at school and now? We barely talk. Once in 3
months you came to see me ONCE! But when you crushed me I
stayed with you no matter how bad it hurt me. You saw the
dog and my friends more than you have seen me. You have
talked to everyone else more than me. I don't understand
you. But I'll leave you be as distant as you want because
I am tired and if you really want me than you would know
what to do to get back in my life, but maybe you stopped
caring long ago?? So Eternal Sunshine