Dave's Mental Meanderings
2008-12-10 04:15:38 (UTC)

Poem - "One Good Eye"

“One Good Eye”
12/7/08 – 12/9/08

There’s a road I can see from my window tonight
And it winds off into the hills,
I sit by the wood burning stove in the room
And try to shake off the chills.
I’ve got one good eye on the bedroom door
But the other is already gone,
Wandering off down that lonesome old road
In search of a brand new dawn.
Winking at strangers and seeking out danger
And ruining anew my good name,
Finding out just what the night has to offer
As if it weren’t more of the same.
Often I’ve followed these hollowed-out dreams
That shake me awake in a sweat,
Promises spoken now shattered and broken
For I couldn’t give it up just yet.
I’ve made a good life for myself so far
Through a series of narrow escapes,
Backyards and fences and second floor windows
Make for the cleanest of breaks.
But once in a while through a sardonic smile
And an updraft of cigarette smoke,
I’ll let out a sigh and ask myself why
It’s beginning to feel like a joke.
I can feel myself losing my penchant for choosing
The low-hanging fruit on the tree,
To get my kicks and get out of it quick
And never look back as I flee.
There’s a jacket hanging in my closet tonight
And my shoes are right by the door,
Just waiting to whisk me away like the wind
And make some mischief once more.
But I can’t seem to pry my one good eye
From the other end of the hall,
And the more I consider the night cold and bitter,
I just don’t feel like running at all.
All I could want is right here in my hand,
It’s mine to lose and I know it,
I’m in for the haul with all that I’ve got
Though at times I try not to show it.
I’m betting the house and showing my hand
And I’m here with my soft spot exposed,
But I know I can beat the odds on the street
With this love that every day grows.
A whole wide welcoming world awaits
And nothing has felt so right,
So I’ll follow the gaze of my one good eye
For it’s time I called it a night.