Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2008-12-08 01:46:33 (UTC)

Fall of 2008

It is nearing my birthday soon, I guess we'd call it
winter by now or at least I would. To make a long story
short, only Easter and Sootie are alive of the four ducks I
have... Mr. Wilson and the Mallard were both killed by
different dogs... My female turkey is also missing, she was
fully grown. One of my new hens has hatched out 10 little
chickens as well... only 2 were killed/missing.
Martha came to visit me recently in October and is
still with me. Not that its a bad thing, I love being around
her and having someone nice to talk to like her. I love
Martha.. I can say that so easily from my heart. I wouldn't
like to bring this up around her anymore, but she did try to
cheat on me awhile back with some guy she met in WoW. Its no
big deal though, I forgave her because in her heart she did
the same for me when I cheated on her... Man, I must be so
Things between us just haven't been the same ever
since... bitter even at times. But through and through, I
have been here for her and her thoughts and feelings. I
guess I've been hurt so much and disappointed all the time
I've gotten used to recovering. I'm still unemployed by the
way and my dad is going back to his rehab unfortunately. I
love my dad, and I've grown to respect him. I guess my
family needs me this time around. I feel bad for thinking
about myself too much.
In any case, I'm doing the best I can to make life
better and still keep a smile on my face... and its not
easy. Especially around this time of the year when people
"need" love and kindness more than anything. But even with
all that has come to pass in my life that should be a
cakewalk. After all, I am everything the Lord has built for
a purpose in this world.

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