kiss_of _death
2008-12-06 05:33:47 (UTC)

The life of a misstris.

A long time a go. In position of power not only would you
take a wife but a misstris, both would know of each
othere, but neather would talk to eachother. In most cases
the mans first love would be come the wife and lovers to
fallowed would only be misstriss. Wifes would share power
and though she might not ever fully or forver be loved,
she was always respected. The misstriss on the other hand
though she might have the man's heart and body, she was
spat at insalted and ingnord.


The year is 2008, Canada, Alberta, Edmonton. I was born
in a prevleg home. i had all that a need and some of what
i wanted. Btoh my Parents loved and cared for me. I had 4
yonger sisters all with difrent persnalys and diffrnet
opinos, but we all loved eachother. Then one day on my
10th birthday, me and my friend were having a sleep over
and playing hide and seek in the dark. I swar evething was
moving slow as that black van moved pass me. I got a clot
h over my moth and then i was out.

I rember nothing. Untill i was 16 i woke up in a weat
feld cold, wet and naked. Strip down to a varry vonrable
stat. My hole body acked and i couldn't stoped shivering.
some how i mageged to get up and start walking to a light
i saw in the disstents i don't know. I got to house saw an
old cupel sitting down to dinner. then blacked out.


"yes mom, i'm fine. No i have everhting i need, yes good
bye i love you" hang up the phone with my mom is always
hard. she acts like ever time i do it i'm doing it to be
mean. the truth was i was distracted by somthing eals some
one eals pashtly waghting for me to get off the phone so
that we can play.

After Enrgy well spent i fall asleep in his arms. Happy
and colme. My heart still beating hard, and a light throb
between my lags. For a second i go in to blackness. My
Dream is always like a punsher comic book, dark, bloodie,
and with out mercy. I awake to him just as awake as i was.
I didn't like making a big deal of my dreams, but i knew
he liked talking about his. He loves talking about him
self the little ation hore that he was. "so what is it
this time?" as i nibble on his ear. See he wasn't a normal
guy at all, one of the reson's i liked him. He is mayde up
of 3 persons.

A Lycon weitch is doment dering sex, anger, and
taritory. Then theres the Hero doment during peoples time
of need and resposaabitlys. Then theres the kid doment
during fun and cureosity. But as the Lycon he did tarable
tarble things, "I dremed about taring you to peaces ageen"
as bad sa this might shound i laghed"i thought you said
the lyckon liked me" he when to to tickel me "he dose, i
don't belev he would intechly hert you" i knew what that
ment right away.

I have seen his lyckon befor agry and disortaed. A guy
mayed a wrong move on one of his girls and he lost it. You
could see his body uncomfertbaly morfing in to a beast.
Ripping is skin to reven new skin, unnatrels skin, baring
his teeth drouling and growing hevely. He whent right for
the mans thoughrot, sinking his teeth in you could see the
musel and vains crushing benath his teeth. Most of the
girlshi d be hind me cowerd at this mostres act. Maybe i
there was somthing wrong with me, but all it made me do
was smile in wonder at such an amzing crecher.

So you probly figerd out what this man that i sleept
with is. He's a Man of Power, crazy, but a man yet not.
though what might have thrown you off was the girls. I was
nothing, But a lover, one that he loved, but i wasn't his
girl friend and he wasn't my boyfriend. i had to shere him
with about 4 othere girls. 2 were on and off play mates
and the othere two for the time bing were preves lovers
and right now just friends. So for the time being i'm his
alpha felmale. His misstris.