I Debbie...
2008-12-02 14:52:35 (UTC)

The Curly Shuffle

Wasn't that the name of a song? But anyway, that should be
the name of the daycare where I work. So, this toddler is
in my room and for the umpteenth time in my time there,
there is this fog about when the little guy gets to move to
the toddler room. So lets see here,...he is one andwalking
and there is a two year old still in the one year old room
a ka a the toddler room. Move them already. And not when
its convenient to do so because you need to keep ratio. And
not for 15 minutes or so until another baby leaves to only
bring him back and really stress him and me out. Here is a
thought. Let's do what is right for CHILD !!!!!!!!!
I swear to everything holy that when that parent asks our
director why he is still in our room the idiot will say one
of afew things. We don't have anywhere to put him or she
didn't know he is walking or let's see what else she can
pull out of her ass? um , I know they arewaiting for
another baby for our room because that way they don't loose
money. That is the most truthful answer but like yah, also
the one that will piss them off the most. We have one
starting today from another Kindercare so wherer is the
logic in that one? Oh thats right illogic is the new logic
and backwards is now frontwards.

If this was the first time it happened that would be one
thing but it seems to be this frigin' fight every time any
shild gets to move to another room. Wow was that why I
asked our director what was going to happen when he turned
one? And why I got so pissed off when she gave me that
sneer and said well of course we will move him. MAYBE YOUR
BRAIN IS MUSH YOU STUPID IDIOT but I remember what you told
me. Until our t-1 teacher left there were kids about to
turn two in the one year old room and toddlers in the four
year old classroom after 5 pm.
Sounds like an inability to schedual to me. But hell what
do I know. I am just an underpaid college graduate working
in a clueless environment. But by all means lets play move
the kids around the rooms like some kind of chess piece
until they are taken out of play or removed for good.

Lets Have It , I DEBBIE