Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2008-11-25 23:07:24 (UTC)

weekday blahs? oh yeah

didn't get the job I went to yesterday, no biggie, didn't
much care for the guy interviewing me, seemed rather uptight
and snooty. snobby I can handle, it's those guys with poles
up their asses who cross all the t's and dot all the i's
that make me mental. have a little fun, you only get one
life. got
another interview tomorrow, should be better, guy seems less
agitated and far more relaxed.. not an office job this time
for which I'm grateful, god I hate the idea of sitting
around doing nothing all day long..

I'm definitely thinking the whole catering thing is where
and what I want to do. Going to stratford next month for the
open house at the Chef school, if I don't get in, then I'm
off to abbotsford and I'll go their for chef training for a
year, and then there's a place on vancouver island for 6
months. That's the plan anyways. I rethought about my
degree, and I'll be doing a double major in Anthropology and
Management, I'll finish off my Bachelors degree over 4 or 5
years, and if the catering thing doesn't pan out, no big
deal, I can always go and do my masters.

got some money out of the trustee's, waiting on some more,
which will be good. they still treat me like a fucking
idiot, condescending and patronizing. but whatever, the
house is tentatively sold, for about $15k less than it
should have been, but wasn't my call and they didn't bother
putting much work into it other than cleaning it up. Going
to wait until I find out if I get in to Stratford before I
buy a motorcycle, I don't really care for carting a bike all
across the country, but a car isn't a big deal, I'll have
enough that I'll just need to get a Uhaul truck or
something, whats really funny is I'll be going to my
interview tomorrow with Uhaul.

funny week, boring week, kinda fucked up week. meh.

at least this coming weekend I'll be able to go see Amanda