The Up's and Down's
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2008-11-10 10:18:24 (UTC)

The Unforgiving Unknown

Unforgiving waves are the only sound entering my ears;
watering a seedling of harmony, sedating my fears.

A restless life full of lost ambitions and shattered dreams.
Lost while creating my own faith it seems.

Suns so yellow and moons set on fire,
strength mollified on the wire.

I've seen stars fall and I've heard them rise,
perplexed greats no longer exist, nostalgia will have to

There's a feeling I can't shake,
a cold gust of wind that forces my mind awake.

The shadows in a faded light strike fear that leaves my eyes
watery and goosebumps on my neck.
How did such a beautiful sight become such a wreck?

The world has built it's confidence on broken dreams left
for dead.
Yet it's been condemned to chase dreams that never end.

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