Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2008-11-09 21:15:46 (UTC)

BC? where all the roads lead

yeah, so I finally have a place all to mine own, with no
roomies, no shared kitchens or bathrooms or anything like
that. A space all to my own. I'll be here in london for a
couple of months, and during that time I will go to the
Stratford Chef School to apply for their chef program which
won't start til next november. If I get in, then I'll do
that for 2 years, and go back to vancouver and start up my
little catering enterprise.

If I don't get in, then I'll go to abbotsford, and apply
there for one of the chef schools there, it's not a bad
program, in fact it's pretty good, but it'll give me all the
foundations I need should I still be hell bent on doing my
catering company.

Barring those, and if I change my mind in the mean time, I'm
going to go to Simon Fraser, do my anthro/management major
degree and then do my Masters in Business, and then go, do
something with that. somewhere.

Still waiting for stuff to be sorted out with my moms
estate, it does take some time, more than I thought to be
honest. But it's a slow process, the house is up for sale,
which is a good thing I guess, I don't know if it'll sell
quickly or not, but who knows.

as for me, I'm doing alright. just sitting around waiting.
not much else I can do at the moment. just sit and wait.

the winds blow, and carry me where they will