Little Bird

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2008-11-09 13:49:20 (UTC)

On Line Dating

Guys lie - even when they are on line dating, begging you
to accept them for themselves and "bring no drama"! As soon
as you send your picture they don't want to talk to you
anymore. It doesn't matter if you've been chatting for
weeks and really getting to know each other. They want to
judge you by some crappy picture you send- that's the deal
breaker/maker. Sick mother fucking Momma's boys!


Well that wasn't a long story at all. Let me see...if I had
to use my imagination (and experience) I'd have to guess
that you fell in love with a horse woman and she broke your
heart after you busted your butt building her a house?
That's how the story usually goes anyway. I can't tell you
how many times I have been rejected (simple dates) just
because I have horses. When I lived in "Chicago", all the
guys I would date thought I was cheating on them b/c I was
at the stable all the time. Insecure people really irk me.

My long story is that I just broke up with a guy that I
dated a while back. Everything was NOT going okay for the
first few months - then it just got worse b/c he got a job
out of town, got back in to drugging and drinking. For the
past 8 months I have been waiting around for him to make a
decision. He finally came one day while I was at work and
got his stuff. No good-bye, nothing. I don't really care. I
do but I don't - it was too much work just trying to get a
simple answer out of him. He lived inside his head and even
if I told him explicit directions on how I needed/wanted
things done he did them 1/2 assed then complained the rest
of the time....if he talked at all. (Yeah, that does sound
a little ****y I guess but these were simple
things...common sense things...)

I feel like I have been running a race, trying to catch and
fix everyone's mistakes. That's nothing new. I'm the only
child of a single mother- was always in the way of her
living her life. I raised myself basicly - cliché, cliché,

I hope that gives you a little more insight as to why I'm
here though. The world is scary. On line you can be who you
want. If you or I say something stupid - we could just
disappear back in to anonymity. The funny thing is, my life
is so chaotic that I don't have to make things up to keep
anyone entertained. :D