I Debbie...
2008-11-09 02:24:03 (UTC)

The One About The Wedding

I think I am just so funny sometimes.

Anyway, I had asked mom to call me or even email me about
the wedding before she left. Normally she is so organized
about itinerary and plans especially when it comes to Mike.
Gotta have that control button pushed all the way in by
golly. Well no phone call, no email no communication at
all. I waited when they got back for any details about the
wedding. I had convinced myself that it was my right to
decide that I didn't have to go. It was my decision and I
will live with it regardless of what my family did or
thought. I could have had my parents pay for my trip like
Charlie did. But I didn't want the guilt of that over my
head for the next thirty years. Nor did I want to feel bad
that Brian hadn't been able to attend. I was making a
statement. One that I was my own person but more
importantly two,..if they really wanted more people there
they should have made the destination more accessable. Hell
his own daughter couldn't even attend not to mention me and
Joe and Brian and his two nieces. But that wasn't the point
of my little entry here.

Like I said, I waited to hear from them. Got two pictures
from mom and when I kept asking for details all she has
told me so far was it was pretty. Like no shit. Puerto
Rico, a tropical place by the beach. Pretty, big
surprise there. Roll out the floor mat because I am going
to pass out from the shear depth of that revelation. Then
I called Charlie. I think her new nickname is going to be
snippit because thats about all I got from her. Basically
she gave me this very disorganized array of facts and
partial stories. Okay there was alittle drama about the
rehearsal dinner place. The one thing mom got to control.
Like okay,...yah?? Okay and Mike was frustrated because mom
and dad weren't really involved with the fun on the sie
stuff. Like what, I am pulling teeth here to get any
kind of commentary beyond basic stuff. I think I know more
about Kara's boyfriend then I still know about Mike's
wedding. Is there some shroud of secrecy that cloaks the
details that if too much is revealed then the world will
come crashing down around us. I would like to know if dad
wore that ridiculous shirt with the plant leaves onit. And
please , really Charlie , do you really not know what it
looks like. Live outside your little world for just a bit.
You don't have to have smoked it to know what it looks
like. If my former co-teacher knew then surely you would.

More details to come hopefully. But you never know.

Unless the cloak tears and the world ceases as we know it,
that is!!!

Have At It,
I Debbie