Nick's Journal
2008-11-03 02:47:59 (UTC)

The Undecided Voter

"when was the last time you ever used logic to actually win
an argument?"
this is what my remedies law presented us with on our first
day of class. after letting it sink in that the answer to
the above question was, "never." he went on to tell us that
the only thing that ever really matters is how you present
are you a person who can be trusted? are you someone who
believes in yourself? in your own ideas?
if so, its likely that you will be able to persuade most
people and, most importantly, you will be able to lead them.

why do i care about that? well i think it perfectly
embodies how i feel about this presidential race. it is now
two days before election day and i think i have finally
decided. i was up in the air between mccain and obama up
until nowand what it took was the economist to endorse the

with mccain i know what i'm getting. i also agree with his
view on economics, immigration, and like his stance on
foreign policy. in short, in substance, mccain is who i am.
so really that should solidify it for me right? i mean the
rest is just fluff. but then he went ahead and made the
moronic move of appointing sarah palin as his VP.

one thing i have to say about mccain is that this has to
have been the most poorly run campaign in this history of
presidential campaigns. he chose palin for two reasons:
(1) she covered his "flank" on the far right...she said all
that the religious right wanted to hear and (2) he cynically
wanted to counter balance barack obama's "historical run to
be the first black president."

but sarah palin is horrific, there was a time when i was
searching youtube because i was quite sure that she had said
something to the effect that she believed that humans and
dinosaurs shared the earth at one point. after searching
for this feverishly for about 15 mins. to assure myself that
it could not be so, i i want someone to
potentially hold office for whom i had to frantically search
to verify that she did not, in fact, have a commpletely
unscientific view of our origins?

mccain's horrendous campaign came to a hest at the choice of
promoting joe the "plumber" to infamy. joe is the perfect
cast-type for your average surly republican voter. thinks
he knows how shit so be run, but, after having listened to
his many rants i've come to realize that he is a fucking
moron. not even a "sort of dimmer bulb" but just an idiot.
and that is really the problem with the electorate as a
whole. they are mostly joe the plumbers, angry at
everything but completely inept at comming up with any way
to fix anything or getting a license to do so.

but its not just the exasperation of listening to joe the
plumber and his stupid shit or sarah palin's idiocy that
really sealed it for me.
all the while i have just felt that obama is just a good
person. very simply, he has the ethos. he is someone that
i can just believe. a person who i can believe will
actually change things.
who knows, maybe its'll all just be the same again, but its
fwroth a shot, right?
my major worry with obama is that he will over regulate and
over spend to solve the problems; that he will have a
democratic congress to give him free reign with a mandate by
the "people" to help them out of their sorry situations.

in truth i know that there is never a "perfect" president.
all have their flaws, obama has managed to sway me with his
ethos, no logos, or pathos.