Wandering Thoughts
2001-10-09 22:02:22 (UTC)

October 9th, 2001

"It happens sometimes. Friends come in and out of our lives
like busboys in a restaurant."

MOOD: Busy
MUSIC: Madonna - American Pie

Wow, today was the most hectic day. It seemed to be
neverending. We had yesterday off, but I think the
reprocussions made it not really worth it. My school makes
up their own rules. The declared that we would pretend
today was a Monday and we would forget about Tuesday all
together. How weird is that?? I got absolutely no sleep
last night. What else is new?? I had class from 9 until
2. Then I had a movie I had to go to for social science.
It is called Roger and Me. It's a documentary about Flint
Michigan and General Motors. It was the funniest movie I
have seen in a long time and it was cool because my grandpa
was born in Flint. So a lot of the buildings they showed
looked really familiar. The movie is available for rent
and I would totally recommend it to everyone! The people
are the biggest hicks. The best parts are with the beauty
queen and the rabbit lady. Wow, I can't believe that those
people are real. HAHAHAHA. You will have to watch to see
what I mean. I got back my debate review from rhetoric.
I'm confused because she didn't put grades on them. So,
they are just her comments and comments from the class. I
have no clue how our group did. I hate speaking in front
of people. I also got back my science exam. I got a 77%.
I was pretty darn happy with that. I studied for hours.
(like 4). Well I got one of the best emails in the longest
time. My rhetoric professor had a death in the family so
class is cancelled for tomorrow. I know its sad that
someone died, but that means I only have one class tomorrow
and it's at one. Yay! Another day to sleep in. The only
snail mail I got today was one from Boston saying that
there is a problem with my financial aid and that I can't
register for next semester until I get that straightened
out. Little do they know...... hehehe ::sheepish smile::
Well tonight for dinner Rachel and I are going to order a
pizza from Dominos. I'm getting my half with pepperoni and
black olives and no sauce. YUM, the best. Im just waiting
for Bri to get home, he is getting his car from the shop.