Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2008-10-28 05:49:17 (UTC)

knew, know, now? humbug

I knew what I wanted to be when I was 6, Indiana Jones, and
you know what? I'm no where near being anything like, or
anywhere close to being like him. I always wanted to be an
Archaeologist, and a Treasure hunter, always. But, I'm
better at being a business man, I'm better, at being a Call
Centre Monkey, I'm better, at being management. And I find I
don't have the patience or even the scientific background
thats really needed to be an archaeologist, I don't
even have the academic background, and I'm not really sure
if it's what even really want anymore.

I mean, honestly, I don't know what I want. the whole
fucking world is my oyster, but that little speck of sand
that has yet to find it's way into it, hasn't quite figured
out what it is. I have too many options open to me now,
where 6 months ago, I had a very narrow spectrum. I could do
one thing, or, I could do another. I didn't have this,
second lease on doing, well, anything.

1) Go to the Stratford Chef School for 2 years
2) Go to Abbotsford and go there for Chef Training for a year
3) Go to SFU, and finally get off my ass, do a double Major
in Archaeology/Film
4) Go to the Vancouver Film School - take 3 years worth of
5) Go to the U of M triple major in Icelandic studies, Film
then do my Masters in Anthropology

and then what? After Abbotsford, I could go to Stratford and
get a job anywhere as an executive chef, that's 3 years of
chef training, I could open up my catering company easy, and
with that kind of background, coupled with my business
acumen, I could easily handle running it...

Then there's University. I have 3 to 4 years of focused
study I have to do if I decide to go back, and then I'll
want to go do my Masters. And honestly, if I was going to do
a Masters in Archeo, I'd fucking go to Cambridge or Oxford
to do it. I mean, come on. And I'm just that smart, so it's
not really a stretch. I'd have to buckle down mind you.
having a hefty trust in which to use to pay for it, really
doesn't hurt. and honestly, if it drains it, so what, dood,
I've got a masters from cambridge. there's a horrible thing
to have.

But, doing that, is 5 to 6 years of university. sigh... I
don't know what the fuck I want to do. all I've got is time
though. time to think.

I wish I had someone to kick me in the ass..