C. Surpless

Caffeine and Nicotine
2008-10-23 17:51:33 (UTC)

October 22: Dear Diary, While crossing Bodega Avenue ...

...on Main Street this morning I got hit by a car. It was a
hit-and-run, he didn't even stop to see if I was alright.
So I reported it to the local police department.

Later on .......

After taking a shower at the church, smoking a doobie, then
checking my email, I started walking Bodega Hwy out of
town. I ended up walking then stopping where I'm at to see
about getting some water. This little side-of-the-road cafe
also looked like a decent place to write this entry. So
here I am.

Later on .......

About three miles further, after exhausting myself walking
up this hella big-ass hill, some guy finally stopped and
gave me a ride to the town of Bodega. The sun's setting, so
guess where I'm crashing tonight? I can only pray that this
little town's people will accept me for the night. My water
bottle was empty, and the bartender here in this one-bar-
town filled it up for me.

Later on .......

There's another Virginian here in Bodega, his name is Tyler
and he's from Bedford. He said he came out here with a plan
to eventually head back, but he got pulled over and
ticketed. This was five weeks ago, so he ended up staying.
He bought me a cheesburger here at the bar, and said that
if I wanted that I could crash on his boss' houseboat with
him and Rusty. Rusty's his dog. Or, he said, there's a
state park in Bodega Bay that he'd take me to if I wanted
to do that instead. I don't know, and I'm not quite sure,
which offer to take him up on. Which one would you take? I
know, I know, the houseboat right? Well, I'll probably take
the second offer of the state park. Don't get me wrong
though, the houseboat opportunity sounds hella good.
However, the state park idea is more me than anything. The
element was made for those living a nomadic life, and
that's for me.

The people here at this bar are hella cool. Now I know why
Tyler likes this particular place, it reminds me of home

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