C. Surpless

Caffeine and Nicotine
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2008-10-21 18:30:05 (UTC)

October 19: Dear Diary, Last night I slept ...

...comfortably in my new-to-me sleeping bag. I had enough
for coffee when I woke up, so I went first to get that.
While walking into town I stopped by a church and sat in
thier Bible study.

Later on .......

I sat watching softball in the park, drinking some beer
with a local named James. It was cool, some kids came by
and smoked some weed. Mostly teenage girls. I showed them
my diary and they said that I had stolen it. The reason
they believed this to be true was because they said they
thought that it had been written by a female. I guess this
means that I write like a girl. Oh well, little do they
know right?

Later on .......

I ended up drinking some white wine, and eating some
shrimp, with James (whose nickname is Buck) until dark. The
sunset was beautiful. There were even these kids; Alex,
Sebastian (nickname: SeaBass), and his younger brother
Donovan, that came to where we were and smoked a blunt.
Well, all of us except Donovan, he's only nine.

Before all of this though, I went to this church that gives
showers, and took one. It had been a good while since my
last one, so feeling the hot water on my body felt hella