C. Surpless

Caffeine and Nicotine
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2008-10-15 01:58:49 (UTC)

October 13: Dear Diary, Now I'm out of hash and money.

I walked all around Ukiah once I arrived, doing nothing but
puffing and walking around. At night I fell asleep at a
local church. However, when I woke up to pee it was hella
cold. So I came here to the Post Office and slept hella
good. Some guy checking his PO Box woke me up around six
when he came for his mail.

Later on .......

I left the Post Office and went straight for a place that
was open, to use the bathroom. The first place found was
only two blocks away; Schat's (Bakery & Cafe). After using
thier restroom, I walked outside and immediately "bummed"
two dollars for coffee, went back inside and ordered, sat
down to drink, and wished I had a smoke too.

Later on .......

As I'm walking through town, I found a blunt roach, sat
down, stuck it in my pipe, smoked it. Now I'm high and
don't know what to do exactly. It's about eight-thirty.

Later on .......

Walking south out of town I found a copy of Forrest Gump.
When I flipped through the pages I found an unscratched
lottery ticket. It turned out a six dollar winner. I bought
some smokes, then caught a ride south.

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