C. Surpless

Caffeine and Nicotine
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2008-10-15 01:38:48 (UTC)

October 12: Dear Diary, I met some kids that were headed ...

...to do thier laundry. We sat down, smoked some hash, and
passed out in a park in the sun. Some local here took us
back to his place and let us shower. We left at midnight
and parted ways. It was hella cold, so I hung out most of
the morning at the Garberville Post Office.


List of towns stopped in:

Eureka (starting point), Trinidad, Rio Dell, Redcrest,
Weott, Garberville, Ukiah, Santa Rosa (currently in)


Later on .......

I'm in Ukiah now. This is how I got here; when I left the
Garberville Post Office this morning I met these two cats
from Tennessee. They gave me a ride into Ukiah. This is
funny because I only asked them for coffee.

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