Nick's Journal
2008-10-13 02:39:47 (UTC)

Let that Hatred out!

i have to say, i am really proud of the two candidates we
have for president. i mean shit, if i compared them to the
2004 abomination i can't help but smile. i mean come on,
whether you agree with them you can't escape the fact that
both of these guys are just good characters.

the late david foster wallace wrote one of the best pieces
i've ever read about any candidate when he followed mccain
on his original presidential bid. he of course put it much
better than i could ever hope to. he just got me to step
outside of the whole political process for a second and just
think about what mccain had gone through in his life. i
mean, the man was consistently tortured for years and
REFUSED to give in and REFUSED to go home early, all for
honor. so as DFW put so aptly, when this man talks about a
cause greater than oneself and implores you to make
sacrifices you can rest assured that there is something
behind it.

obama, as much as people make him out to be a terrorist,
just seems like a good man, someone who just genuinely wants
to help and has some pretty good ideas about how to do so.
of course you can't look past his obvious racial appeal
(especially for the liberal white guilt) or hurdle (against
the usual bigotry).

the bottom line of course is that both candidates are just
good people. we don't have some waffling schmoozer on one
end with a warmonger moron on the other.

of course, the problem, as is usually the case with
democracies, is the people. there are a fine number of
bigots out there and they aren't too afraid to express
themselves. this became painfully clear during mccain's
latest rally. people are getting angry over in the right
side of politics, and, to be honest, i can't blame them
about the anger, but i can about its direction.
i really saw myself as a mccainiac from the beginning. the
guy is beyond reproach as a person, has sound economic
policies (i.e. deregulation, free trade, tax cuts to spur
growth) and just overall seems like he has the testicular
fortitude to step up to people.

in short, mccain SHOULD BE the perfect republican candidate.
he's not some pansy ass liberal who waffles on russia
invading another country (see obama), he's not a
god-forsaken apologetic opening himself up to the foreign
world like a beaten dog trying to make amends with his
abusive owner (see obama) and most importantly, he won't go
crazy over-regulating and allowing government to get into
everything to fuck it up (see obama) at a time when a frenzy
is all the more open for it.

yet somehow he just can't get this appeal across. he's
quite simply losing it. that's not to say that the current
environment isn't PERFECT for liberal propoganda. at a time
that people are losing their money while at the same time
seeing products become less affordable than ever
(healthcare) to someone who assuages their fears by having
the paternalistic image of government come in to save them
is ALL too appealing.
and you know what? i am completely buying into it as well.

but you know who's not buying into it? the bitter right.
that's why we got the near-mob mentality at the latest
rallies (not that palin hasn't been feeding this mentality
anyhow). people yelling terrorist, "kill-em" (though i
think that was directed against bill ayers the weather
underground terrorist not obama) and of course the best - a
woman almost inaudibly betraying the true source of her
doubt, "i don't know if i can trust him, i think he's an arab."

through all this i feel badly for mccain. a lot of idiots
are of course blaming mccain for all of this, but at no
other time in a presidential election does it seem that a
candidate represents so little of what the people who are
behind him want him to.
mccain is absolutely not the type of right-winger who would
condone this shit. the worst was seeing his pained
expression after the epithets were hurled, the quick manner
in which he took the microphone from the "arab" lady to
quickly correct her.
this guy looks like someone who knows he's lost but doesn't
feel all too badly about it. a man who finally found out
what was behind him and becoming almost relieved that he
doesn't have to deal with them for four years.
he just doesn't seem to enjoy it anymore, he seems to want
out and with each hurled epithet his discomfort only seems
to grow, agonizing him to a point where he is stuck between
a rock and a hard place.

the sad thing is, if obama wins this election, mccain's
legacy will be somewhat tarnished. from what i've gathered
his supporters are "angered by his unwillingness to talk
tough," whatever that means.
they just seem to want him to be something he's not. they
want him to exploit obama's downsides more and want him to
drum up his own ardor even further.

obama on the other hand is doing the unforgiveable. he's
coasting. all the polls are showing that he has a good
cahnce of winning this election, it just comes down to
whether there is a huge incident (probably international)
that will play to mccain's favor, or if reverend wright
blabs out again.
everything about obama's campaign wreaks of "let's not blow
this so close to the end."

so why am i leaning towards obama? well when i see him talk
i just see a real constitutional law professor in him.
thoughtful yet pragmatic. articulate and succinct. i read
a time's piece today that put it pefectly. obama is just
better able to answer questions. the article took as an
example the question from one of the town-hall participants
about how the economic crisis would affect him. mccain
rambled and went off on freddie and fannie; but obama just
laid it down for him, talking about how credit will be tight
to come by and will impact this one particular gentleman.

i just hope the hate on the right doesn't make me dismayed
of this election; right now i am so proud about hte way it
has gone, let's not fuck it up down the stretch.