Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2008-10-12 07:05:30 (UTC)

freshly baked? methinks so

so. I think I said that already.

No house for me. funnily enough, when my mom bought it 6
years ago it was worth $82k, now, it's worth about $140k,
and with the housing market slowing down, and the economy,
it's actually a really good time to sell. So, the executors
have decided to sell it, for a variety of reasons, and as
much as I hate to agree with them, on most levels I do. I
just fucking hate not having had the option of keeping it,
as opposed to being told it was being sold because it's a
really good idea, which it is, but thats not the point. it's
the principle of the thing.

on the plus side, it'll mean I have a about $200k in a
trust, the fucking downer is I'll now have to beg and cajole
and otherwise con my aunt margaret and my moms friend bev if
I want any "extra" money out of it. which means, as much as
I'd love a brand spanking new car, it's unlikely I'll get
one. a decent used one would be nice.

one thing I did find out, which makes me happy, is that I'm
going to declare bankruptcy. It'll clear out $36k of my own
personal debts and my student loans since they've changed
the rules now from 10 years to 7 years. Besides that, if I
just paid off my student loans and got new ones, I'd end up
paying twice, instead of just declaring, and paying $40k for
the rest of my schooling.

so. brand new start for me. of course, the banktuptcy thing
would have happened regardless of if my mom had left me
money or not. it's something I'd been planning on for a year
or so. and everything else is slowly falling into place.

the proverbial getting my shit in order. so to speak. I'm
still having issues deciding on what to do school wise.
Archaeology at SFU, or Culinary Arts school for 2 years and
start my Catering company, or? I have no idea. I'll be going
to winnipeg, and picking up the stuff I have left in the
house, and sorting it out, and getting maus, and moving to
either Vancouver and going to SFU or Abbotsford and taking
the culinary arts program there. sadly, as much as it would
be fun, and I think it'd really be cool, the fashion design
and tv/movie special fx makeup courses would be.. a little,
well, to be honest, unrealistic.

who the fuck ever called me realistic? it's overrated.

I'm a dreamer. and I don't mind being one.