taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2008-10-09 04:38:57 (UTC)

Memo to Dr. Kapoor - clear your day.

Things I want to ask/address during my appointment with
the new neurologist on October the 29th:

1. Blood test to determine type of CMT. Never had one, do
you recommend?

2. Second pair of AFO's? These are almost 5-years-old and
getting tattered/not exactly form-fitting anymore.

3. Physical therapy? Recommendations.

4. Depression and anxiety, mention debilitating effects.

5. Hand function/wrist supports?

6. Struggle with employment fit.

7. Scooter? Is it time to concede?

8. Eye problems? Any relation to CMT? Anything that can be
done at all?

9. Alcohol interaction. Mention.

10. Sensory loss basically everywhere.

11. Halloween costume recommendations??

There's nothing really major here, just every single
aspect of my being. Hurry, the hands of time!