Light Eyes M77

Can't Keep Me Down
2008-10-06 14:55:31 (UTC)

7 years on.....

so tonight there are a few things on my mind. i google a few
online diary websites and come across this site which i
haven't logged into for 7 years. Reading over my old entries
about nat and penny make me realise how much has happened
and passed in the last 7 years. Natalie is now married and
has a child. Penny is now in a serious relationship, and me
- well, i'm still juggling women (doing what i do best).

My writing skills surprise me, i was pretty articulate back
then, and even tho i was a bad ass my heart and mind was in
the right place. I guess i've always been like that. i know
right from wrong, and if there is any fault with me its my
inability to keep to one woman. Women are my weakness. Not
much has changed.

The reason for my entry tonight is pretty significant. Her
name is bianca. although many times in the past i have seen
potential with women (shortlived) i can't remember the last
time someone really really made me stand up and take notice.
I'd like them but kinda always knew that something better
would come along. Its been this was with me all my life.
And now, not since, well - coming to think of it, since
Natalie has someone done this to me. Penny didnt, katrina
didn't and there has been noone significant since her. I met
natalie in 1998 - 10 years its been and hundreds of women.

Since i met bianca i just can't get her off my mind. She is
the most beautiful girl i have ever laid eyes on (no
exaggeration). Flat out 10/10. And guess what - i met her on
myspace.The first time i met her i knew there was something
there "trouble" is the term i coined it. I knew she would
challenge my lifestyle.

She's funny smart, intelligent, sexy, the whole package, but
i do have a few concerns. She is a mother of 2 children -
but you'd never guess it. Her x bf of 11.5 years is half
malaysian (of all things!). this is new territory for me and
im not sure how to handle it. All i know is that i really
like the girl and being with her feels really GOOD.

She's been slammed by all her friends to keep away from me,
but that works in my favour. but now, there is no denying we
both have feelings for one another - so what was (for a
brief period) a fck buddy, is now becoming something more

im going to china tomorrow and im going to see her tomorrow
night. im tired hittin the sack.


to be comtinues...