Nick's Journal
2008-10-06 01:58:04 (UTC)

Lou Dobbs talks a lot of shit

This past weekend we went to an oktoberfest. and at this
oktoberfest i realized something prescient: i am getting
old. or maybe not. i don't know. what i do know is that i
have become a lot more keenly observant as to the alcoholic
ways of other people.

you see...i would steadfastly stand by the assertion that i
was getting old if it weren't for the fact that so many
"old" people were getting fucked up at the oktoberfest. and
as i stood to the corner in a state of painful sobriety
taking in the spectacle that people were making of
themselves i realized something else...a lot of people lead
very, very sad lives.
i mean...i can't think of any other reason why a man who was
clearly in his late 40s would chug a beer, slam it down, and
then emit a sound akin to the roar the t-rex let out at the
end of jurassic park unless he was thoroughly depressed
about his day job.
it's odd to me really because my friends and i got fucked up
like champs during college. but now, i've realized that
none of us really does so anymore. it's just a matter of us
moving on to another stage in our lives, and it seems really
odd to me that others aren't able to "move on."

we hung out with a bunch of late 20, early 30-somethings
this weekend and it was truly a microcosm of the
oktoberfest. while some maintained their dignity others
just got shit-faced. to me it just seems sad when people
cling on to their past like that. the hard-drinking college
days. it just makes it seem that they feel like their glory
days were behind them and that they are desperately trying
to rekindle them through alcohol.

aside from realizing this this weekend i've had a chance to
finally catch up on the 700 billion dollar bail-out. i love
this thing because it gives the absolute greatest knee-jerk
everyboyd and their mom has an opinion on this and it's
never balanced. the way i see it is this:
there are two sides here,
1) the government is finally stepping in to clean up a mess
they created
2) they are creating an unforgiveable moral hazard

to most people the latter translates into the whiny, "why
doe the BIG CORPORATIONS get a bailout while i'm losing my
house to the over-prized mortagae i can't afford?"
to me it is really a tradeoff. the ron paul article on cnn
summed it up perfectly.
i'm not about to plagiarize it here but i would deifnitely
recommend reading it.
essentially he says that this whole mess started from
OVER-regulation not UNDER-regulation. the government create
freddie and fannie under the policy that the more homes the
well that led to banks going after all of these high-risk
loans knowing that they could securitize them and sell them
on the market with fannie/freddie's backing.
and now the cickens came home to roost.

on the other hand we are creating an unbelievably
unforgiveable moral hazard. i go under the philosophy that
we should purge the rot from the system. let all of these
companies and banks fall apart. i'm sorry poeple lose jobs
and people lose homes but the consequences will be much more
dire in the long run.
but of course nobody wants to take responsibility and
everybody wants to think of the short term. it's quite sad.
the worst of course is lou fucking dobbs. that man talks so
much shit i can't stand it.

he's almost worse than michael moore and bill o'reilly. at
least they have the decency to put he correct front on
themselves. but lou dobb's is legitimized through cnn.
halfof the time i don't think he has any idea what the fuck
he's talking aobut.
he's xenophobic and stupid.
maybe that's why he's so revered.
he's supposed to be the voice of the common man? please
tell me that's not true.
his shaking jowls are usually an indication that something
stupid is about to come out of them.