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2008-10-04 19:36:14 (UTC)


I am truly, utterly, honestly, happy for once in a long
I have no clue.
Caleb has a girlfriend now. Shocking right!? ha..not so
She lives in oklahoma! -.- hes met her once and she plans
on moving here next year. I guess his mom HATES it. She
thinks its the stupidest thing ever.
But for me..ya I agree it is, but I dont care. I am
offically...over him. Its taken this long but I am.

I do maybe want to say I met a guy. Jarvis. Hes younger of
corse hah..seems thats all I go for. But hes so sweet. Not
what I would expect my type to be, but I love the shock of
it. When school started, one day A couple of my friends and
I went to their house after school to bake. They all have
boyfriends and I was complaining how I didnt. Right away
they said..Jarvis. I had known him just from being at my
old school so long you reconize everyone. But I never put
him into thought. Since then EVERY girl at school mentions
me to him and is trying everything to get us together.
Hes a football player, christian and just adorable.
Hes told people im cute and wants to get to know me more.
Im excited.
Even though I acted "dumb" and wrote him an email just to
see what hed say. I said like "Is it just me or does it
seem like everyone is wanting you and I to get to know
eachother more".
He kind of said ya everyone ask me about you but weve only
talked a few times so I dont know and i dont think everyone
thinks it ya know.
So not exactly what I wanted to hear but the girls are
workin on it and karleigh, one of my friends, said when it
comes to girls hes really slow and shy, so maybe he didnt
want to rush into saying YEA SO WE SHOULD!
But homecoming is in two weeks and everyone has told him to
ask me..we will see.
I really hope he does.

But this year looks good. FINALLY a real senior. ya
graduating at 19 but im good with that.
Back at my old school and finally offically the popular
group. Weird but were not jerks. Thats one thing I love
about jarvis. He is so sweet to the mentally retarded kids
at school, hangs out with this one guy, eats lunch with him
and gah its just sweet cause I dont want a guy who
thinks "oh..look at that retard" cause thats just..no..they
are a person just like you and me.

I have great classes, great friends and Im ready for


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