Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2008-09-29 01:31:27 (UTC)

waves? kissed

snaked out my hand grasping
a handful of her dandelion hair,
pulling her back she moaned, back
arcing towards my outstretched arms
and hands laced with naught but lust

her crescendo's pitched hot scream
bounced around the rooms red wall
feeling her hot breath cascade
out along my neck, bristling
with fever pitched corded
arms running along her
back, nails dug in

thrusting out fingers
licking her inner thigh
walking the paths towards
her perfect rounded breasts
heaving with glistening sweat
panting and baying at the moon
like the wolves in the long night

one flicked out nail she dug deep
in my back, pushing me closer
with her legs wrapped round
in a anaconda like embrace
her eyes wild, her lips
the shade of tinted
blood, she kissed
me oh so deeply

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