Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2008-09-19 06:12:48 (UTC)

nothing? zip, zero

nothing is happening. it's like the world has stopped
turning, and everythings just hanging there waiting for
the sudden jolt.

moms still in the hospital, my step grandmother has been,
"forgiven" for the last 20 years of bullshit. seems like
they buried the hatchet, and now, my step grandmother is
acting like a human being. I'm glad, I mean, I didn't
care for her much, never have, but only when she was
being a selfish bitch did it bother me. I think my mother
had more issues with her than I ever did. I for one, don't
much care one way or the other.

nothings changed to me, nothing will change. they're both
bitter, over many things, not that I know what they are,
they'd have to talk about things in order for that to make
any sort of sense.

the end is nigh. everyone's where they are. but no ones
saying anything, we're all looking into the abyss.

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