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2008-09-15 07:56:52 (UTC)

People confuse me

Ok. Plain and simple. I am a farm girl. I'm an innocent.
I've known the same group of people pretty much since we
were born. I can be very naive when it comes to people
outside of this group.

So from this background springs this evening.

If you run into an acquaintance through mutual friends, how
is it that after a couple of drinks and a bit of chit chat
you owe them anything?

We're talking. We're not even flirting. Huge age gap, etc.
I'm not going home with you. What the hell?


Could, at the very least, someone who's about my age whom I
find interesting pull this stunt?



I would really like to be as popular with students as I seem
to be with faculty.

What. The. Fuck.

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