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2008-09-12 02:07:47 (UTC)


"Did you know," he said softly, suddenly, glancing up at
me as the smile grew just a little, "that penguins mate
for life? Like, once they find their mate, they stay
together forever. Always. No matter what."

The look in his eyes had nothing to do with penguins, and
I found myself blushing. "No," I mumbled, staring down at
my lap, smiling so widely that my face kind of hurt, "I
didn't know that."

Under normal circumstances, I probably would have made fun
of him with some snide remark (e.g., No more Discovery
Channel for you, Sir Learns-a-Lot), but these were not
normal circumstances...

Then, before I could process any more of these frantic
thoughts, he took my hands in his (his were very warm, and
slightly moist, but I didn't mind) and brought his sweetly
probing gaze up to meet mine almost shyly, and
murmured, "Do you want to be my penguin?"

I emitted a little sob-like noise that was meant to be a
laugh, and then we both let out this choked laughter that
I guess was the result of all the mixed feelings that kept
gettting in the way. And then I smiled back and said
sincerely, "Yes, I would love to be your penguin."

And I wasn't so sure that all penguins stayed together
forever--not when the world was such an ugly, inconvenient
place--but in that particular moment, I was willing to
take his word for it.

- Vegas Boys Chapter 49