2008-09-09 15:46:28 (UTC)

MP 2008.09.09

Second day of orientation. Very excited. I wanted to start
my brainwaves going. Cause they keep reiterating how
extreme this will be. Students kept asking yesterday on
orientation if they can utilize some of the stuff for
their own endeavors. The reply was always if you have time
and if the stuff is not in use. But the main reply was if
you have time. That is a great answer. Well anyway. I feel
like I am behind schedule maybe I am. It's 1037. I
normally have my writting done by this tiem so I figure if
I write really fast it wont be a problem. THis routine
thig isn't really figured out too well just yet. Caus I
didnt' fully calculate how much time it will take me to
eat, prep food, shower etc.

On the plus side, I look great.

Oh. Remember that one guy that called me up, the student
wheree I told him he should be a comedian and he said
he's a film student. Well I saw him yesterday and he just
so happens to be the best looKING GUY IN THE SCHOOL. Now I
understand what the emberassing part was about in my
horoscope. Not totally right on but I get it. SO I talked
to my mom about it causwe I didn't know who else right
there and then when I actually thought about it after he
befriended me on face book. Damn I hope no one from the
school reads this blog. Yeah so I apologized by means of
face book. And he was like it's fine. I wan't upset abou
ti. Apperantly the only reason he was seemingly upset was
because he had to call up 80 students and had little luck
reaching them. That one day. Well. yeah, he's beyond
cute. Like some guys in that school are cute. He is under
a class of his own. Now there is a guy for you. Chris need
not fear. Unless it's that guy then maybe a little . But
I'm still a loyal girlfriend. So Not really need to fear
at all. Cause I've got my guy.

I find it very interesting how he wanted to buy me a ring
before I go to school just so everyone knows that I'm
taken. Itold him to get the condo instead and leave the
letting people know to me. I wrote him a love note I'll
slip into his pocket next tiem I see him. Hopefully today,
cause I need to utilize his computer and if not today then
not tomorrow and if not tomorrow, Thursday will be hell,
and friday is nearly too late. Friday I need to prep for
that job interview only teresa knows about. So today will
be great for doing that computer purchase.

Anyway so excited. That guy is really awesome looking, I
am faithful and in love with my boyfriend, all is well in
my universe. Having a good time, job interview on saturday
only Teresa knows about. That's about the jist of ti.


Or as Tere says: Byes Pyes