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2008-09-08 15:37:22 (UTC)

MP 10:20 Sept 8/08 First day or FP orientation

Yeay, today is the big day, it's not a day we come and
learn, but it certainly is a day that we come and meet
each other and stuff about the school. So great things
will happen hopefully, I am very excited. Yesterday I was
still a little breaking down with the OMG Finally, and how
will everyone take to me, will I be able to put on a show
with the representative? I wonder.

Well, seems like I didn't have to worry at all, cause I
perform great under pressure. It's like I might as well
have been worried before going to work how I won't be able
to make all of those drinks, and function properly. But it
is all muscle memory. Once I'm in that situation I
function just right. Sure the enthusiasm for it has kicked
a bit, but it is still there. Just waiting to reerupt.
Today we I don't think will do much. It will only be for
four hours. The president will speak, we will have break
out sessions, we will get UPASSes and ID cards.

NIFETY!! I am gonna just walk in there and introduce
myself to anyone who is next to me anyone I come in
contact with. I will be that emanent being. I will show
them a little RAZZLE DAZZLE. I wonder how Teresa is.

I call her later today. So I'm listening to these binuaral
beats and nothin is happening. I'm trying to focus on that
next sound, but nothing. Then I realize that all of the
sound is only going in to one ear. No wonder. I figgle
around with some options and nothing. Change head phones
nothing. I guess the computer is just wacky and believes
everything wants to be heard with one ear. Even teh
speakers right now one is playing the other is not. You
can't pick up on binural beats taht way. Oh well.

I'm running out of things to write down cause this is
like, it's for real. Like, I am really doing my morning
routine. ANd who knows how long it will tak or how well
I'll manage All I know is that I am happy and excited
aboutt school. There is no plan it's just feeling. It's
like going to work. No skill, no prep, just do it. And the
sooner the better. tha tis what is on my mind. Perhaps I'm
not getting on a deeper level here today cause face value
seems to count for something. Well off to Yoga...

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