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2008-08-30 08:31:20 (UTC)


Isn't if funny how you expect to write one thing, and you
really type in quite another. I was thinking of what I
want to write in here, and once Iwas typing in the website
address, and my e-mail, password, I was thinking of the
perfect way to summarize it in the heading. When I finally
got to click on NEW, I did something completeely
different. I guess the relevence of time, everchanging,
was great.

Anyway, I just had the best time with chris, just now. We
went out to the back yard and looked at stars, smoked some
hookah and drank tea. We got to talking. There was
something in the air. It felt so great and at peace. I
felt so relaxed. The kind of relaxed I haven't felt in a
while. Like things were just easing off of me. I realized
a couple of things, but life isn't jsut about making
realizations. We had a great couple of conversations about
the systems. School, economy, cars, jobs. Lots of talk
about jobs.

I feel as though it would be great to get something
together that would wake people up to the potential that
people truly have. Almost like a mechanical revolution.
Instead of settling and finding things in the world,
businesses that nearly cator to our needs. Or so we think
they do, if you wanna get the job done right do it
yourself. There are people out there right now who have
made customized their own cars that will work better then
those of current cars in terms of wear and tare and gas
mileage. The resources are there, but we as a nation need
to jump on the ball and realize that our world isn't just
as good as the companies that make the stuff for us. We
are good enough now, if we really want to, to make things
for ourselves that will outlast those of those companies,
and will better fit us in every way anyway.

Also clothes. There are so many that are just not the
right fit. We get expensive shoes, where the majority of
that money goes to the designer and the company. In which
case, so little goes to the actuall production, and the
cost of the quality material. But if we were the designer
it would be us benefitting from lower costs, superior
tailor made quality, longer lasting, and a niche to sort
out the little kinks that don't work for the specific
person in mind.

College education has lost it's value. It is a dare I say
it, but a conspiracy that demands young people to get into
debt with government loans, (so that the government can
make money off of them weather they make it or not.) Not
many people know better when they are 18 of what they
really want to do with their lives, and having to start
thinking about it at any age between 12 to 18 is
proposterous. OUr minds will change, we have a huge lack
of life experience to guide our way. A vast amount of
people go to college and get into massive debt for the
experience. The college propaganda is that it is the best
years of your life. And of course why wouldn't it be? When
you are in a dormatory with a new acquaintence, everybody
is fresh so there are only friends to make, lots of
activities to attend, and even more friends only a couple
doorways, or houses further. How can that not be the best
years of your lives doesn't matter how in debt you get, or
what you are studying. Once that is all over, most of our
newly acquainted friends are never as close, a majority
not even in the same state, so how can the good times last
just as they were. It really is a matter of
responcibility, and geographical convenience that provides
those years as the best in life. I guarantee if you would
go to a 4 year camp those would just as well be the best
years of your life.

Those were some of the issues that had struck me when we
were talking. Now I am getting somewhat ambitious to write
a small book about it. Nothing even more then 50 pages. Go
to or something of the sort and print a couple
out, send them out to publishing houses to see if they can
put them in print.

I'm sure that in such a book I would also touch up on
marriage and that's a scam as well. It has been force fed
to us that in order to be officially considered married,
you first need to be of two differnt origins. One a male,
and the other a female. This is the first lie. Then you
are expected to get branded by a diamond ring. Which now
adays is getting more economically frustered seeing as how
terribly men get in to debt just to get their love one
that she won't hate. For some women a small diamond won't
do either. How pittiful the guy must feel about the women
he must please in this financially restricted way. Next
you must abide by the law and get a certificate where the
law must approve your marriage. Sure this one can fly
cause in what other way can you file your taxes jointly
legitemetly? Next in this circus is the formal usually
church ceremony that assumes if everyone goes through this
show for god, that their god will acknowledge them as a
formal married couple. The movie "DEFINETELY, MAYBE"
summarized this, as the reason why some people who believe
this still go through with the charade: That at this
point, when you love somebody that much, it just seems
like the next thing to do. Then ofcourse a party where
everyone gets drunk is in order. Yet another pricey
endeavor, because playing scrabble is not formidabble.
This is the best reason why people still go along with the
cherade. An excuse to drink. An excuse to do things you as
a mate would never get away with unless it were to be
catagorized as the bachellor/ette party. Finally the
mating ritual to finish it off. Not at home, but in a
sacred vacation place of choice.

Not that marriage has much sanctity in it anyway. Most
married couples break up. 35% or so due to finances. Well,
maybe if it weren't for the wedding, some of that would
have been taken care of. People see marriage as the
happily ever after we have been brainwashed to believe via
disney stories. As great as they are do brainwash people
at an early age that once married all of their lives will
be at peace and filled with joy. When in fact it is just
another pebble you as a couple must get passed. There will
be many more to come. So let's not brainwash ourselves to
think once we're married everything will magically be
resolved. A relationship is still a ship. And to keep a
ship running, large or small, precautions need to be
taken. Maintenance needs to be performed.

There are ways in which this brainwashing can be prevented:

-When hanging out with friends, express your point of
view, if it is actually your point of view.
-See your view, as well as your friends, as well as a
random strangers, or commentary in a paper.
-when a friend of yours is in a serious relationship, ask
if they are in love, if they are happy, how are things, as
oppose to when are you getting married (which pertreys the
-When hitting on someone and that person says that he or
she has a boyfriend or girlfriend take it just as
seriously as though they would say that they are married.
-When watching movies/cartoons, (and try not to get too
pessimistic about this question) but ask yourself, or
envision what other things these people have done to make
the happily ever after last. What is it in this movie that
let's me know that they will live through the toughest of
kinks, and troubles.
-Be open to the idea of being with somebody for decades
then realizing you have grown apart and instead of keeping
each other miserable, (unless that is what you want)
accept and love them enough to let them go to where they
may be happiest, most themselves, most alive.

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