Nick's Journal
2008-08-24 08:41:44 (UTC)


other than intermittantly following michael phelps, i
haven't really had much of a chance to watch the olympics.
just now though, i got the biggest treat; i was able to
watch the gold medal men's basketball game. what impressed
me most wasn't just how they got ice in their veins every
time spain mounted a challenge; to the point that, once
spain got within 2 points it was a given that kobe or wade
would nail a 3 in response; but more so that they just loved
playing together and even seemed to take it really seriously.

you see that's the thing about the olympics; there are some
athletes where their life goal is attaining a gold medal,
but there are others who make millions in a professional
league, and to whom, a gold medal is really just one more
notch in their belt. the basketball team could be
categorized as the latter. i was just so surprised with how
they were just over come with emotion when the final second
ticked off the clock. call me stupid but i just like to
think that athletes have some pride in their country.

but michael phelps. holy shit. first off, how can parents
say there aren't any good role models? wouldn't phelps
pretty much blow that claim out of the water? (no pun
intended). i mean shit; the dude was just fresh off of
winning 8 medals (8 GOLD MEDALS!!!), posed with the question:
"so what does michael phelps have to say?"
now he could go on and on about himself and how he was the
shit; but instead, he was lost for words. when costas then
shopped him a video of his 1/100th of a second win; he could
only stare at it in disbelief.

i guess what really kind o bothered me about the olympics is
1) i thought nbc did a horrible job covering them. they
always had to make sure they got their own news show in
there to the point that i was watching more fluff jobs for
china's culture than i was watching people compete! nbc
also had no problem (and had an apparent and disturbing glee
about it) "showing the heartbreak." the worst was when lolo
johnson lost her race. the absolutely
heart-rip-out-of-chest moment where she was with the lead, a
few paces from the finish line, but accidentally stumbles
over the second to last hurdle, must have been shown by nbc
at least 12 times.
and, in what could only be classified at a frustration with
the fact that lolo maintained her composure during the
postrace interview, nbc went so far as to film lolo as she
was crying her eyes out in a hallway. what was most heart
wrenching about it was that, right then and there, she felt
she could finally let heremotions out; of course nbc was all
over that shit.
2) how could the ioc not sanction china? i mean they have
13 yr old girls on their gymnastics team! china on a whole
just struck me as having the "got the shit kicked out of
them in middle school" syndrome. constantly trying to outdo
and dazlle everyone around them. to the point that they
faked fireworks and hid some little girl with buck teeth
from the public's eyes.

well if anything, the olympics (at least our teams) helped
give the world some role models.
and isn't that all the world really needs?